What is Programming?

Programming or coding is the process of writing a set of instructions for computer systems to understand and execute.

The program translates instructions entered into high-level language that the computer can understand and perform the task.

There are tons of programming languages used to give commands to computers. Some examples of languages are Java, the C-languages, Ruby on Rails, Python, Etc.

Tech industries rely on programming for creating new yet innovative uses for technologies. The use of Machine Learning(M.L.) and Artificial Intelligence(A.I) depends heavily on programming.

Users can interact frequently with different kinds of programs in their daily life, for example, social media platforms, games or even the simple web browsers used for accessing the Internet.

Importance of Computer Programming?

Computer programming has its importance in today’s world since most of the big tech industries and even simple jobs have become automated. Thus humans have to control these interactions that take place between machines and people.

Computers and machines are known for executing tasks in an efficient yet accurate manner, therefore the use of programming allows us to control the computing power of machines.

Learning programming will help you build applications or software(s) or other kinds of the program(s).

You also acquire skills that will help create programs that will run on different operating systems like Linux, iOS, Windows or Android.

All these programs have various types of classes or functions, thus they rely on using different programming languages to build them. Computer programming is used to create all kinds of web applications.

All the languages differ vastly from one another since all of them serve different purposes and cater to different needs.

By using certain languages you can develop software(s) that runs in the background of your O.S., i.e. for handling micro tasks which enable running major software smoothly or efficiently.

You will become a resourceful programmer if you acquire knowledge of various programming languages.

Learning programing has its benefits which are mentioned down below:

A. It allows you to work remotely.
B. Allows you to blend technical skills with creativity.
C. Helps develop problem-solving skills.
D. Unlocks chances of potentially high paying job opportunities.

The top 8 programming languages you need to learn in 2022 are:

1 – Python

Python had already outranked languages like Java and C in the previous years as one of the most exciting and must learn languages in the tech industry.

And I will gladly accept Python as one of the languages that rank at the very top among several other languages, as even big names such as Stack Overflow and Github have ranked python as #1 on their respective charts.

And the major reason for such statements is simply the compatibility of using Python for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Python is favourable for those individuals who are just getting started with programming.

The foundation level reason is quite simple since the syntax used to develop apps is easy to read, understand and implement.

Python is heavily used in web development or for developing software(s) and can be easily integrated with complex data structures or algorithm building using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Python offers tons of features like intensive library support, automated cache collection, Graphical User Interface and is pretty easy to integrate with different languages.

Python also uses frameworks that help make applications and software which are more efficient as well as convenient to use. Some famous Python frames are Django and Flask.

2 – JavaScript

JavaScript completely influences the applications it is integrated with and thus is acclaimed to be an influential language in this list.

JavaScript usually is a client-side language as it runs on your web browser and not like Python, Java and also every other language(s) mentioned on this list since those run on a server(s).
But even though it is a client-side language it has its framework library which is powerful for example Node.js as this showcases its superiority over other languages.

JavaScript helps you develop complex features on your websites like content that updates dynamically, motion graphics, and tons of other features even. More than 95% of websites have JavaScript integrated into their web page behaviours.

JavaScript is termed as one of the best programming languages for beginner coders to learn and also caters towards designers who have a knack for UI / UX aspects of coding.

3 – C

C is the oldest recognizable programming language that is still widely implemented and maintained in today’s technologies.

It is a low-level language i.e. it is highly conceptual to study. As it is heavily used to create O.S. applications, graphic drivers, hardware(s) and applications that are still optimised using old generation programming.

This is used heavily on legacy systems since it was also built using this programming language. Although it still holds up pretty strong when it comes to its reliability and speed for executing tasks.

Even though this isn’t an easy language to master, it will certainly help you understand the core concept of low level languages and further increase your grasp of knowledge while using any other high-level language.

4 – C++

C++ adds O.O.P. programming capabilities along with improving the entire C languages range.

It is useful for developing applications that require a high level of performance rate for image processing or rendering real-time simulations with physical properties.

Thus it is immensely strong for game development and also for advanced computing graphics like flight simulating and lider processing.

It also helps structure popular databases like MySQL and Postgres. E-banking and trading applications are made with C++ too.

C++ has high demand in every industrial sector, because it is a compact and powerful tool although it is slightly hard to master since it belongs to the high-level language category. Therefore it is good if you belong to the intermediate category of students.

5 – Java

Java is often regarded as a powerful programming language that is being currently used in over 3 billion devices(since java is used to make apps for mobile and web it is majorly used in the Android OS).

It remains a trendy technology since its rise in the early 2000’s era. Java is extensively used to create desktop software(s), for web development, A.I. integration or implementation, cloud computing applications(SaaS), and others.

Another feature of using Java is that this programming language has platform independence, as this results in higher productivity, efficiency in performance, and better security options.

It is the most secure language. Tech Giant corps that have platforms running on Java are Amazon, Adobe, META applications, etc.

Therefore learning and practising in this language and building tech of it provides great growth opportunities and worldwide recognition along with high salary caps.

6 – C#

C# (pronounced C sharp) belongs to the C family of language and is an O.O.P. language made by Microsoft, it resembles a lot to C++.

It belongs to the modern languages present in this list, as it utilises the salient features of both C++ and Java. C# is used for developing Windows O.S. applications, and even web applications or web services.

Although it is immensely popular in the game development industry since it is extensively used in-game engine Unity.

It is found in both client and server development of the .NET framework, as it’s a framework that accepts multiple programming languages.

Other features are having large libraries which are helpful when building apps for mobiles, desktops or I.O.T (Internet of Things)

7 – PHP

PHP is used for developing general-purpose scripting languages. It belongs to the server-side programming language which is embedded with HTML as it helps to add different functionality to the web pages.

It is really simple to use and therefore is comparatively easy to understand and implement. It is also faster when compared to other scripting languages.

Also, it helps prevent vulnerability attacks or threats, since it is highly secure.PHP developers are in all-time high demand since the value of using PHP, has grown since the early 2010 era.

Heavyweight websites such as Facebook and Wikipedia have integrated PHP into their programming pipeline.

8 – Swift

Developed by Apple Inc, in June 2014 is a strong programming language that is used for developing applications or software(s) specifically for iOS, Mac, and many more Apple own platforms.

It is a language capable of the creation of highly secured and efficient applications. Swift is easy to understand and maintain high-performance speeds on and off the development process period.

Having a support system for dynamic libraries leads to enhanced performance for the software. Apple, Slack, Uber, are a few of many companies that are created using Swift.

Computer programming has numerous benefits, some advantages that tag along with the knowledge of code are guaranteed job placement in tech-based companies with even working remotely in certain firms with the ever-growing presence of The Internet, building useful applications or developing skills for solving problems.

Hopefully, we can help you choose a few specific languages and start your coding journey. Happy coding journey, hope you will succeed!


What skills does a programmer need to possess for learning to code?

The skills important for being a computer programmer are:

  • Having a basic understanding of arithmetic along with algebra is crucial for learning programming.
  • Processing understanding for problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to hold meaningful communication.
  • Basic computer Know-how skills.

What are the mainstream programming sub-categories?

Few mainstream programming categories are Web Developers, Software Developers, Mobile Application Developers, Data scientists and Analytics.

Difference between back-end and front-end developers?

Front-end development refers to the visual elements present in any kind of website i.e. by using HTML, CSS and JS and showcases information, databases, infographics and multimedia that are present in the website or the application that the customer/audience will engage with (i.e. client-side).

While Back-end development refers to the server-side aspect of the website or application, which the user has no access to and it is used to store databases, and use algorithms and another mechanical aspect that helps the front-end function efficiently and smoothly.

What is the cost of learning programming?

Learning to code is free since the Internet is where learning programming can be done easily, with the help of websites such as Freecodecamp or CodeAcademy, Youtube and Official Documentation from the language sites.

Other paid platforms are also present such as Udemy, Upgrad, etc. But if you want you can acquire a CS degree from colleges as it generally tends to be way expensive.

Which programming language should you learn as a beginner?

Along with the core concepts of computer, learning Front end development i.e. HTML, CSS and JS are basic foundations yet powerful.

Python language is also another easy and yer fun language to learn as a beginner since the syntax is easy to understand and is highly powerful since if properly mastered it can be used for heavy implementation of M.L and A.I.