pc configuration for gaming

pc configuration for gaming: The term gaming PC refers to a complete high-end PC that is suitable for handling heavy gaming performances smoothly.

Although there are few ready-built PCs available, for serious enthusiasts making custom-built PCs is what’s preferred. Integrating 32GB RAM with possibly the latest multi-core processor and high-end GPU cards and other factors help boost the performance and maintain it over time irrespective of the heavy graphics being rendered for multiple hours.

All the components mentioned are put together in a tower case that can easily fit multiple drivers including the graphics cards, ram and other parts like PSU and cooler.

Although these machines cost 5X when compared to a non-gaming PC or laptop, it is only because these gaming beast machines utilise elaborative cooling mechanisms which are required for overclocking the CPU. I should also mention along with gaming PCs that there are high-end gaming laptops present in the market.

The owner generally pairs their PC with a gaming keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals that help to increase the effectiveness of their workflow.

PC vs. Consoles

Games can run on both PCs and video game consoles such as Xbox or Playstation, but the edge of having a gaming PC is it can be upgraded very easily while consoles are limited.

The advantage of owning a console is that exclusive games for console users like Ps Exclusive Series i.e Uncharted series and Spiderman.

But another massive advantage of owning a PC is it’s a multi-use factor as a high-end gaming pc is used by 3d artists, VFX and 3d animation studios and even for gaming development studios as it can run all the software and applications, along with high rendering advantage. If you are a creator then opting for a PC is much better.

A gaming PC also supports VR. devices such as Oculus Rift needs a huge amount of CPU processing and access to multiple numbers ports.

What is Better to Build or Buy a PC?

The answer to this question is your comfort level, as It just depends on which format you are comfortable using. Although making builds are challenging as they require knowing the market and skills.

As the hardware keeps on getting better with newer generation builds coming out with every passing year. Assembling a PC from scratch provides an immense opportunity for learning about computer components.

AS it will teach you about the advantages of multiple categories in storage configurations, choosing a processing unit and other discussions on PCIe lanes that are PCH-attached on certain devices.

But in this advanced generation, certain companies provide you with a solid gaming PC built just via asking a few questions like your budget, games you would primarily play, etc, and suggest you a great gaming build within your budget.

Check out NZXT as they provide the same features too. This removes the hassle of going through the tedious research process and avoids the dilemma of what to get and what not to.

Another benefit of purchasing a pre-built system is getting assistance if there is some error with your PC since they will have service assistance if you’re experiencing major issues.

But you don’t get this facility if it is being assembled on your own, as troubleshooting the issues is completely up to you.

Are Macs Good for Gaming?

This is a complicated question to answer since it will be wrong to say there isn’t any gaming community for Mac users. As tons of Esport titles will run on Mac Environment such as CS Go, Valorant and League of Legends.

But I would still recommend using windows Os since there are tons of opportunities to emulate your gaming experience, but reports also state that gaming on PC is done on a Windows-based ecosystem worldwide as the number estimation is over the 1.75 billion mark already. This showcases that the gaming ecosystem is much higher on PCs.

Since now you have a clear idea for building a gaming PC, here is our list for one of the best PCs you can assemble along with their uses and pricing.

CPU- Ryzen 9 5950x

The performance is impeccable. Just lower the core voltage by 0.1 to fight well even with air cooling. Still, it turns 5GHz if it is fully automatic, and even if I lowered 0.1V, seems to turn 4.6 GHz.

Price: $923

GPU- RTX 3090

It is the final GPU card you can find in the market now, as it is very stable, provides really good heat dissipation and is not too loud when playing heavy games.

Price: $3600


The is one of the best motherboard selections for the AMD lineups as it provides insane performance on just Ryzen 5 5600x since it can provide a stable 4.75GHZ even if the VRAM is cool. Although it isn’t equipped with a BIOS flashback button.

Price: $296

RAM- G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 64GB (32GB *2) 4000Mhz

It is certainly good for running video editing software, high-end games and even editing on a 4K resolution or higher. RAM Disk is also good for that RAM size and lastly opening multiple tabs of Chrome as multitasking is made easier.

Price: $423


SSD helps reduce booting time and is largely used over HDD since it does the job of an HDD along with providing speed.

Price: It depends on which company you are using Samsung will cost much more while brands like Kingston will be cost-effective.


It is immensely compatible with Ryzen newer series as it provides really good cooling along with other features like the live dash as it helps to monitor CPU and GPU information along with customization of GIFS, and if you think of upgrading to a thread ripper processor it has a pre-built bracket which is suitable for thread rippers.

Price: $450

PCU- COOLER MASTER 1250w(gold)

This is the best PSU in the market and it’s worth every penny. This hardware is equipped with two CM PSUs. At 70% of the entire load, it generates the same amount of heat as any medium-scale PSU in the market that is at 50% load scale, as the power scaling only amounts to just 600w even at a high usage of 80+. But, at the 80% load mark, the efficiency of this hardware drops off massively.

When at 900w usage scale it takes off 1000w from the electrical point and scales much higher as the usage scale topples 90% mark. This hardware is huge so a mid-tower case has to be the priority.

The cables are well built as it provides 4×2 8pin PCIe, with enough SATA connectors to serve your multiple uses.

Price: $270


Everything is well placed as it has space for seven fans, two radiators, a fan controller, and an excellent wire management system. It has a minimal design that is sleek in style.

Price: $105


It is equipped with an amazing 2k 175hz fast IPS panel that has an approx 93% pci3 colour range along with being VESA certified hdr400. Other features include the free-sync support G-SYNC (good for RTX 30 series) and really good colour calibration. It has multiple input points, as the monitor supports HDMI DisplayPort USB-D type, USB Type-C and two USB ports.

Price: $380


If you are opting for brands like Razer or Logitech the price range will range from $200 – $500 depending on the features you are looking for in those products.

TABLET- iPad Pro 256gb.

This is a must-have if you are an artist as it has much better screen resolution with tools and applications highly optimised to aid the artist and even provide tons of options for rendering professional digital art.

Price: $1067

All these components are really expensive but will provide you with the best experience in gaming or if you are pursuing any creative career like 3d animation, VFX rendering.

Hope you will be able to figure out your build or just buy the suggested components from this article.

You might get better deals if you check out their sites or from the Cyber Monday or Black Friday sales on Amazon since we want you to get the best valuation for your build.


  1. Is building a gaming PC more expensive than a gaming console?

Yes, it costs more if compared to a gaming console, but there are tons of low-end gaming setups. The budget completely depends on the user.

Most of the gaming consoles cost around a few hundred dollars, for example, Xbox would cost between the range of $200 to $300. While gaming PCs range from $500 to over $5000.

  1. Does the user have to build their own PC?

No, the user isn’t mandated to build their own PC. The user can hire a professional from the nearby computer repair shop or get it assembled from the dealer he/she is getting the part from.

But, building your own PC is quite fun and rewarding as you’ll acquire tons of knowledge about the hardware processes and are likely to build other ones later.

Purchasing a pre-built gaming PC will come with every component put together. Although finding pre-built options is pretty easy, you will need to pay an extra amount in the form of convenience fees.

  1. How much on average does it cost to assemble a gaming PC?

The costs for building a Gaming PC ranges from the amount of $500 (for low-end setup) and going upwards and above the $3000 mark. You don’t require a high-end setup to ensure the experience of playing games.

Yes, tons of games do depend on a certain Spec Requirement but Esports Titles like League of Legends, CS GO, Dota 2 and Valorant do not require heavy builds for high FPS availability. As a mid-tier pc build will ensure 70 FPS or more.

  1. Is it hard to build a gaming PC?

You need to know building a gaming PC isn’t an impossible task, all it requires is some patience. It usually comes with a manual and even the internet provides solutions for you to understand, learn and implement. As you will get your build done in no time. If still skeptical, ask the local computer repair shop.

  1. What are the essential parts for assembling a Gaming PC?

Here are all the essential components you require for building your gaming PC:

  • Case or Cabinet.
  • Motherboard (processing broad)
  • CPU (processing unit)
  • Cooler (might be paired with CPU)
  • RAM (recommended 8 GB. In case you have a better budget 16GB is better at performing)
  • PSU (provides power to the computer)
  • Storages HDD or SSD, (there are tons of pros and cons on both)