2. Gigabyte Aorus 17G

Gigabyte Aorus 17G

Gigabyte’s simple powerhouse appeals to us because it doesn’t come with any extra wings, geeky devices, and lights that make a gaming laptop look like it belongs in a steampunk rave.

The computer is compact and stylish, and it is a powerful machine. The Aorus is powered by Nvidia’s latest SUPER graphics card, which performs ray tracing, the complex lighting effects present in today’s games. The display can perform at a blistering 300Hz, so games will appear highly fluid.

Because the laptop is designed for gaming experts, there is no apparent lag between what you do and what you see on the screen unless you are a gaming expert. 

There is also a real mechanical keyboard on the laptop with satisfying clicks each time you press a key. As an additional assurance, we’ve been told all of this equipment makes the system reasonably capable of editing audio and video.

3. DAB Motors Concept-E

With cities phasing out fossil fuel-burning automobiles as a means of reducing air pollution, electric bikes seem like an ideal commuter alternative for those of us who do not want to slip on some Lycra.

After a few hours of instruction and a thorough reading of the Highway Code, riders can ride the DAB Concept-E electric counterpart of a 125cc motorcycle. 

A bicycle with this range can cover approximately 112 km (70 miles) at a maximum speed of 104 kph (65 mph). Sadly, these e-bikes are only a concept now, and their pricing is unknown, but they represent the beginning of a new era of really cool e-bikes.

4. Sony HT-A9

This Sony speaker system is designed for consumers who want authentic home cinema sound without spending much time and effort hanging wires throughout the room. 

There are only four speakers in this HT-A9 system, and they communicate with a remote control hooked up directly to your television. 

It’s as easy as positioning the four speakers around you to allow the setup – which uses echolocation to pinpoint the location of each speaker – to calibrate to you. 

Dolby Atmos devices include a tweeter, a subwoofer, and an upfiring speaker that allows the entire Dolby Atmos experience. The system will use the speakers built into your TV to improve the sound quality when you pair it with a Sony TV.

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