Latest Gadgets For Men

If you are looking for the 13 latest gadgets for men, then you are in the right place. Men are always busy with different works. That’s why they need some unique gadgets to make their life easy and joyful.

Picking the right tool for the correct use makes you a perfect and wise man. Now in 2022, you need some advanced equipment for your day-to-day uses.

Here are our deeply researched, most used, and famous 13 latest gadgets for men which makes you more attractive.

1. Evo Shaver

What is Evo Shaver?

Evo Shaver is one of the world’s smallest shavers ever for men. It provides a comfortable and closer, safe shave.


  • Evo Shaver is a very small-sized travel shaver. It’s so tiny as an egg. You can comfortably carry it in your pocket without paying extra attention to it.
  • It has a powerful 6000 RPM motor which provides a smooth shave. But, it’s so quiet.
  • Its advanced sound technology gives you a decent idea of where you need still a proper shave.
  • It has an extra-large battery capacity that gives you service for up to 90 minutes with a single full charge.

Key features:

  • Advanced Sound Technology for a cleaner shave
  • Stainless steel
  • Waterproof
  • Mesh 0.07 millimetres
  • Self-sharpening technology
  • Travel lock mode
  • USB C Charging

Availability: Evo Shaver is currently available on Amazon.

Pricing: It costs $29.99 from Amazon.

2. Nissim.

What is Nissim?

Nissim is a cool-looking and soft flame inverted lighter.


  • Nissim provides a mild temperature of fire than the regular torch flame. This speciality makes it more widespread.
  • Its entire body is made with cast metal components.
  • It also offers a visible flame adjustment wheel and fuel window.
  • You can use it in a downward and standard upward position.
  • Nissim also comes with a lifetime warranty. The tool can be a great choice if you look for a long-lasting and premium-looking lighter.

Key features:

  • Inverted Lighter
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Waterproof Pouch
  • Aesthetic
  • Patent Pending Circle Grip
  • Refillable Fuel Tank

Availability: Dissim is currently available on Amazon.

Pricing: It costs $52.99 from Amazon.

3. Ekster’s Parliament wallet.

What is Parliament wallet?

Ekster’s Parliament wallet is a premium leather smart wallet specially for men.


  • It has a built-in premium aluminium card case that protects your cards from unwanted RFID scanning.
  • Its advanced feature card-slider mechanism helps you get your things right at your fingertips.
  • Parliament wallet is made with premium top-grain leathers. It is specially tanned under environments protocols by following gold-rated LWG rules.
  • It has an excellent and unique solar-powered tracking technology that stay connected to your phone.
  • Its NFC and RFID protection technology protects your cards from private data theft and wireless skimming.

Key features:

  • Over 200 ft Bluetooth Coverage
  • RFID Blocking Enabled
  • Premium leather Build
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Solar Powered Tracker

Availability: Parliament wallet is currently available on Ekster’s official site.

Pricing: Without tracker Parliament wallet costs $89.00, and the Tracker card costs $49.00 from its official site.

4. OYO NOVA gym.

What is OYO NOVA gym?

The OYO NOVA gym is perfect for exercise at home, on the go, or at the office.


  • It’s SpiraFlex resistance technology used by NASA over 10 years to keep the astronauts fit in the international space station.
  • OYO NOVA gym is an exercise tool that comes from OYO fitness.
  • It’s the best option for those who want a budget-friendly fitness tool for their regular use.
  • It mainly helps beginners who want to start their training exercise.s
  • On each hand, it provides over 40 lbs of resistance.
  • It includes ergonomic ball grip handles, which provide a complete range of leg exercises.
  • But it’s not an ultra-durable product for commercial use.

Key features:

  • Over 40lbs / 18kg Resistance
  • Works out Different Muscle Groups
  • Free Workout Videos
  • Portable (Fits in a Backpack)

Availability: NOVA Gym is currently available on their official site.

Pricing: NOVA Gym costs $199.95 from its official site.

5. Mangroomer’s ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver

What is ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver?

Mangroomer’s ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver is an electric back hair shaver for men. It mainly helps you to shave your back hair effortlessly.


  • Its unique patented design feature helps you reach all of your back with only one hand, and you can shave all of your back hair effortlessly.
  • It has a power burst button that helps you trim your extra coarse and thick hair.
  • It has two interchangeable shaving heads.
  • It has a multifunctional shock absorber flex neck on both heads, which helps the blade shave at any angle.
  • It has a fully adjustable and expendable handle that helps a man of different sizes to cover all of his back.

Key features:

  • Cordless
  • Extreme Reach Handle
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Includes Pro XL Extension Lock Button
  • Power Burst

Availability: ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver is currently available on Mangroomer official site.

Pricing: It costs 60 dollars from its official site.

6. Galaxy Watch 4

What is Galaxy Watch 4?

Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch by Samsung. It’s more than a smartwatch because of its unique and cool features.


  • Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch with an intelligent design, innovative software, and stunning health sensor.
  • It helps you measure your skeletal muscle, body fat, body mass index ( BMI ), body water, and many more.
  • You can monitor your real-time readings of ECG, body composition, blood oxygen level, and daily activity.
  • You can check your sleep quality with its advanced sleep tracking feature.

Key features:

  • Wear OS Powered by Samsung
  • Samsung Knox security
  • Samsung BioActive Sensor:
  • Optical heart rate sensor (PPG)
  • Electrical heart sensor (ECG)
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor (BIA)
  • IP68-certified dust and water-resistance
  • 5ATM swim-proof


  • Black, pink gold, silver (40mm Watch 4)
  • Black, green, silver (44mm Watch 4)
  • Black, silver (42mm & 46mm Watch 4 Classic)

Availability: Galaxy Watch 4 is currently available on Samsung’s official website.


Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm)

Bluetooth-only = $249.99
4G = $299.99

Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm)

Bluetooth-only = $279.99
4G = $329.99

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm)

Bluetooth-only = $349.99
4G = $399.99

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm)

Bluetooth-only = $379.99
4G = $429.99

7. T-Rex from Amazfit.

What is T-Rex?

T-Rex is a rugged and one of the military-grade smartwatches for men.


  • T-Rex watch has 12 Military Certifications.
  • T-Rex offers detailed sports tracking like run, trail run, walk, climb, outdoor and indoor cycle, hike, pool swim, ski, triathlon, open water, and fitness.
  • It can automatically track your distance travel, daily steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned.
  • You will get your SMS, emails, calls, and other notifications.
  • Its low power consumption chip helps it to provide a longer battery life.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Battery life: 66 days essential use / 20 days regular use.
  • Sensors: BioTrackerTM PPG Bio-3-axis acceleration sensor, Tracking Optical Sensor, Ambient light sensor, Geomagnetic sensor.
  • Dust and water-resistance

Availability: T-Rex is currently available on Amazfit’s official website.


It costs $103.00 from its official site.

8. KOPACK Waterproof and Anti Theft Backpack.

What is KOPACK Waterproof and Anti Theft Backpack?

It’s primarily an anti-theft and waterproof travel backpack for men.


  • Its speciality is that it’s a hidden zipper. And if anyone accesses it while you are carrying it on your back. It only can access when you take it off from your back.
  • You can charge your phone, tablet, and other devices with built-in USB ports.
  • Its shoulder pad is made from high-quality elastic, breathable sponges and fabric.
  • It’s made with waterproof material.
  • It has a dedicated laptop sleeve.
  • It’s a special and unique night safety feature that helps others locate you when carrying it in the dark.

Key features:

  • Anti-Theft and waterproof Features
  • USB Charging Feature
  • Stealth Zipper System
  • Comfortable Design
  • Weight Distribution

Availability: It’s currently available on “the” website


It costs $35.99 on the “” website.

9. Tool card Pro from Lever Gear.

What is Tool card Pro?

Tool card Pro is a multifunctional 40 tool that comes in the size of a credit card.


  • You can use Tool card Pro works like screw tightens to lose, cut cords, open boxes, open bear cap, and many more in your daily life.
  • It’s very tiny rather than other bulky and heavy tools.
  • You can just carry it in your pocket without paying attention to it.
  • It is mainly designed for optimal functionality, from a screwdriver to a bottle opener.

Key features:

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It’s made with premium quality stainless steel.

Availability: It’s Currently available on Lever Gear official website


  • Tool card pro- silver costs 26 dollars.
  • Tool card pro- black costs 30 dollars.

10. TSA Fingerprint Padlock from BenjiLock.

What is TSA Fingerprint Padlock?

TSA Fingerprint Padlock is a digital lock with advanced fingerprint technology.


  • It comes with a decent look and a professional build quality.
  • It provides a solid and accurate fingerprint lock.
  • It is hard to break but possible to break with a strong hammer.
  • You can also set up a backup pin for extra security.
  • It has an extra lock opening system for airport security.
  • It can store up to five fingers.

Key features:

  • Fast & Accurate Fingerprint Scanner
  • LED Indicators
  • TSA Friendly
  • Stores up to 5 Fingerprints

Availability: It’s Currently available its BenjiLock’s official website.

Pricing: It costs $39.99 from its official store.

11. Anker PowerCore 20100.

What is Anker PowerCore 20100?

Anker PowerCore 20100 is Anker’s new and most popular power bank.


  • Its ultra-high-capacity feature provides you with a long-time service.
  • With its high-speed charging technology, you can charge it at a blazing speed.
  • Its industry-leading 4.8 amps output provides simultaneously charging at full speed.
  • It has short circuit protection, surge protection, and more advanced features to keep your device safe.
  • Its matt finish body doesn’t show any fingerprint.

Key features:

  • Ultra-High Capacity
  • Certified Safe
  • High-Speed Charging
  • World Famous Warranty

Availability: It’s Currently available on Anker’s official website.

Pricing: It costs $49.99 ( black ) $59.99 ( white, blue, red ) from its official store.

12. Every fun M3 Pro

What is Every fun M3 Pro?

Every fun M3 Pro is a deep tissue massage gun that helps you release your muscle tension after workouts.


It’s a professional massage gun, especially for athletes. Professional athletes design it.
It helps you to relieve your muscle pain, soreness, and stiffness. It will increase your range of motion.
It has a super powerful but quiet motor, that’s why you won’t feel the noise.
It provides 5 levels of adjustable intensity with 5 different massage heads.

Key features:

  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 Speed Levels

Availability: It’s currently available on amazon.

Pricing: It costs $109.99 from amazon.

13. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

What are Bose QuietComfort Earbuds?

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is the world’s most high fidelity audio and effective ANC earbuds.


  • Its unique feature is that it has acoustic NC technology. So the microphone in earbuds can identify environmental noise and produce an opposite signal to reduce that noise.
  • In quiet mode, it blocks the other noise to feel your music. And, in an aware way allows you to listen to music and environmental sound simultaneously.
  • Its High fidelity audio feature plays smoothly in every song.

Key features:

  • World-class ANC.
  • Tap, touch, swipe controls.
  • Play, store, charge — repeat.

Availability: It’s Currently available on Bose’sofficial website.

Pricing: It costs $279.00 from its official store.


As you see, many gadgets for men are available out there. After studying the market, we finally successfully filtered them out. Above mentioned 13 latest gadgets for men are extremely easy to use.

These 13 latest gadgets for men will make your life easier and faster. Using these gadgets will save a considerable amount of money and time from your life. It also helped to keep yourself much productive.